Web Sites - We can provide reliable hosting for your Internet, Extranet, Intranet, and E-Commerce web sites.

E-mail - We can also host your e-mail with your web sites. You can access your e-mail from your desktop, or on the internet from anywhere with internet access. Twenty-Five e-mails accounts are provided when we host your web site.

Hosted Exchange - E-mail and online communications are key aspects of doing business; the right
e-mail solution helps you increase productivity while managing your bottom-line costs. Hosted e-mail and collaboration enables you to avoid the cost of installing and maintaining complex hardware and software while at the same time getting reliable, secure access to your business communications from anywhere you have Internet access. This solution allows your email to be synced with a server so if you computer crashes, you don’t lose your email. You can also sync this information with a smart phone device such as a Blackberry or Iphone. Your phone updates your computer and vice versa all without connecting the two together.

Hosted Applications - Web-hosted software, or software-as-a-service, provides you with a new way to get business software and applications at a predictable cost, without significant up-front investment. Rather than purchasing hardware and software to run your business applications on premises, software-as-a-service delivery enables you to license software, delivered over the Internet, from a hosting provider for a monthly fee. You essentially rent the software, and your hosting provider takes care of ongoing upgrades, maintenance, security, and any other IT headaches.

Spam Filtering - Spam e-mail is a costly and common nuisance for any network and users. We can recommend solutions that minimize the amount of unwanted e-mail on your network resources. These solutions can be hosted or installed on your network depending on your requirements.