Web Site Development - We can assist getting your company's name out by using the internet. We can strengthen your presence by developing your marketing and e-commerce web site. We can assist with internal and external company communications by setting up Internet and Extranet web sites. All sites can be hosted or developed for in house hosting.

Intranet - Intranets are used to create a central repository for shared company data. You can use your internet browser to share contact information, forms, organization charts, drawings, and other company information.

Extranet - Extranets allow you to share information about your company with other customers or vendors. You can allow customers to check the status of projects or setup an area for vendors to see what items can be quoted on.

Internet - The internet is becoming the leading way that companies look up information. We can develop your company's marketing web site and setup metatags to get your website registered in search engines.

E-Commerce - With the internet, your store can be national instead of just servicing your local area. You can bring your goods to the masses by setting up an e-commerce web site. Orders can be placed on-line using secure transactions. We can setup interfaces to download your sales information, and import it into your ERP application.

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