Resource Management

Asset Management

Knowing what you have is as important as who has it. Quickly identifying hardware and software assigned to individuals in your organization prevents the possibility of loss or theft. Centralizing information such as serial numbers and software licensing helps you track your investments in technology. It serves to insure compliance with vendors and track expiring licenses, and renewals, warranty, and support agreements.

Helpdesk Support

When you have a problem with your technology, it’s frustrating when it can’t be resolved in a timely manner. In many instances, locating a knowledgeable source is as difficult as resolving your problem. We can answer your questions and track the progress of the call to a satisfactory resolution determined by you. Resolving your issues in a timely manner allows you to get back to your most important task, running your business.

Maintenance & Updates

Securing your systems from intrusion requires that they be up to date with the latest patches and updates from the manufacturer. This process can be automated, or manually performed remotely or onsite.


Need to replace or upgrade outdated equipment or software? Our volume supplier agreements benefit you by providing quality hardware at discount prices.


System Monitoring

Don’t rely on a false sense of security with your technology. If you don’t monitor your systems you will never know what’s happening behind the scenes. System monitoring helps to identify issues such as pending hardware or software failures, system status, risk of virus infection, and unauthorized intrusion from hackers. Be proactive instead of reactive by allowing us to watch over your network for your company.

Training and Seminars

Training - Implementing technology in your business is a big step. Being able to use it effectively is the challenge. Let us show you how to make your investment pay dividends by teaching you to use it to your advantage. Instead of showing you how to use 90% of the features in your software and/or solution, we train you how to use your software and/or solution to perform your job.

Seminars - Want to learn about the latest technology, disaster risk, or security concerns? We can put on a seminar for your employees or group on these or any other technology related subjects. We can tailor our seminars to any length or format. Whether you want an all-day event or a lunch and learn, we can meet your needs.

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