In the ever changing world of information technology and with evolution of social media, the security of your personal or business information is at a greater risk than ever before. As more of your information becomes electronic, the higher risk there is for this information to become accessible to someone whom you do not want to access it. Viruses account for only 45% of the risk in the information technology world today. You are more likely to lose your information from an action of someone inside your office versus a hacker pushing their way through your network security. We can perform a security audit of your network, make you aware of your risk, and offer solutions to minimize your exposure.

Protect Yourself

Antivirus software and a firewall are not enough protection these days. Here are areas to consider when you evaluate the security of you information:

Physical Security
You used to be able to purchase a regular firewall and your network was protected from the outside. Due to increased threats, firewall manufactures have added features like Intrusion Detection and Content Filtering. It is just as important to check the traffic coming through your network and proactively protect instead of reacting to an event.

Social Hacking
It is a proven fact that the weakest security link in your business is people. Many businesses choose convenience over security. The more convenient the process, the less secure it is likely to be. This is why items like password policies where you have requirements for length, lockout, and frequency of change, are more important today than ever. You must also educate your users to the risk and have them take the common sense approach. If your user is not sure, err on the side of caution. Treat the security of your information like you would treat your home. Locking your door is more secure than just keeping it closed, and you never open the door without checking to see who it is.

Ransomware has become the fastest growing segment of information security risk. Ransomware takes a legit security function of windows and enables a malicious payload to encrypt your data. To retrieve your data, you are asked to pay a ransom. The premise is that when you pay the ransom, you receive the key to unlock the encryption of your files. Your files are not stolen, they are locked from you being able to access them. Once encrypted, you can pay the ransom, or restore from backup. This is why it is so important to ensure you backup your data to a threshold of how much data you can lose before it has too large of a financial impact. Once your network is compromised with Ransomware, your IP address information is sold for other hackers to try to exploit your network.

Updates, Updates, Updates
Many security events are due to software not being updated and/or patched. If you do not have the latest security patches or are running on an unsupported software solution, you are at a very high level of risk of your information becoming compromised. Hackers look for exploits in unpatched systems. Just visiting a website or opening an email attachment can compromise your system. You can have all the latest antivirus and antimalware software, but if you don’t have the latest security updates on your operating system, you are running like those software solutions are not installed. Even Mac devices require security updates to remain secure. Don’t leave your security up to your users. Ask us about automating this task and allowing you to worry about one less headache.

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